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Crafternoon Goals with The Squid Ink Co.

Crafternoon: time dedicated to the pure joys of crafting, post midday. 

Pretty simple and something we're quite good at around here! We were thrilled to welcome The Squid Ink Co. and their abundance of beautiful craft supplies to the store recently for a wonderful weaving workshop. So excited in fact that our lovely store owner and manager, Katie and Abby, just had to try it out. Taking one for the team so to speak - sure, okay. 

In addition to teaching us beginners a thing or two about the beautiful art of weaving, The Squid Ink Co. offer contemporary crafts all handmade out of their Gladgow-based studio. Sarah from Squid Ink begins by dishing out super stylish kits which all include a wooden loom and the tools you need to get started (and carry on as these are yours to take home!).

Our group of crafters got straight to work under Sarah's guide, setting up their weaves and learning the basics. The weaving process involved finding out about different textures, how to finish off and an absolute must have technique in your weaving arsenal: tassels. 

If you're not doing tassels, you're not doing weaving. 

As a beginner weaver, once filled in on the basics to get started, it's really just about experimenting with your loom and having some fun - as if you wouldn't! With all the colours of the rainbow to choose from in the way of wool, the possibilities are endless and Sarah is lovely enough to let you take as much wool home with you as you like to develop your new hobby. So much beautiful wool we couldn't be-weave it!*

Although two hours isn't quite long enough to fully get your weave on, with the basics mastered you can head home with the confidence to carry on and experiment with different colours and techniques. Equipped with your new tools and crafting know-how you can enjoy a cosy crafternoon whenever the mood strikes! 

So a huge thanks to Sarah from The Squid Ink Co. for getting us started on this wonderful woolly journey.

*I'm not apologising for that.