Thursday, 6 April 2017

From Sketch To Silver: A C.A.R.V.E Story

As you all know, we were recently visited by Kate and Katie from C.A.R.V.E to host a wonderful wax-to-silver workshop in which I (store manager/craft enthusiast) got to take part in.

Since I could only cover so much in the initial blog post, it seemed only fair to do a second one to you can all see the end result!

Sharing is caring after all...

Once the process of sketching, sizing, and A LOT of filing was complete, our wax creations were taken from us.

Not to worry though, it wasn't a goodbye, it was a see you later!

The C.A.R.V.E experts would attach a sprue (a channel through metal is poured into a mould) before sending them to a company in Birmingham for a spot of lost wax casting. 

The process of lost wax casting begins by attaching each individual ring to a sprue tree, and making a mould of the tree as a whole. Then, that mould is heated - with the wax being lost in the process - generating space for the molten silver to be be poured into.

Et voila! 

The silver is left to cool, then the mould opened so each ring can be trimmed from the tree and sent back to Glasgow to be hand-finished by Kate and Katie.

There's still a lot of work to be done, and the ladies get straight to work with the finer details.

I could go on and on to be honest, but instead Kate was kind enough to share this beautifully informative video where you can see for yourself just how much work goes into each piece.

Isn't it fascinating to see the journey (I know, cheesy) that our little creations have come on before we even get to wear them?

However, I still think that it's perfectly reasonable to say "oh yes, it's one of my own pieces" when someone asks where I got my ring. Even though my part didn't involve quite so much hard graft (although I did nearly lose a fingernail to a file - thimbles are key, people!), I got to see my very rough sketch transform into solid silver.

If you haven't been lucky enough to experience C.A.R.V.E for yourself quite yet, feel free to pop into Elk & Wolf where you can take a peek at my original sketch, and I'll no doubt wave my ring-adorned hand in your face out of excitement.

Not quite the same I'll admit, but it would be lovely to see you!



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