Saturday, 18 March 2017

Calligraphy Rules, Am I Write?

The past week has completely flown by in the form of vintage accessories and trinkets, and a lot of heavy lifting, but more on that later! It's time to take a break and fill you in on last weeks' workshop.

We were delighted to welcome back Caitlin from The Brahmin Lettering Co. to host one of her sell out Modern Calligraphy Masterclasses

What's great about having Caitlin is the warm welcome you receive. She made our already intimate space feel cosier still by having each participant introduce themselves, then let us hear a bit about her background and training in her chosen medium.

Her down to earth nature and informal approach made the craft accessible to all abilities, opening up a whole new set of skills you probably didn't know you had!

The class starts with a lesson in ink, nibs and how to hold your pen (yes, there is a right way!). 

Unfortunately, calligraphy is slightly trickier for you lefties out there.

Armed with the right tools and technique, everyone began by practicing basic shapes, lines and letter forms. These repetitive exercises allowed each participant to move onto more intricate fonts and word forms.

What had begun as tentative scratches, hesitant letters and occasional ink stains ("everyone globs!" according to Caitlin) had transformed into confident calligraphy.

Not only did you get to keep your pen, ink and personalised (!) clipboard, but you got to hang on to the knowledge as well. We were visited by a soon-to-be bride would be using her new-found know-how to write her own wedding invites, and a lovely lady who wanted to fall in love with writing again. 

There really are no limits to what you can use this skill for.

It was truly fascinating to see each individual's own style and flair strengthen with each stroke of their pen. 

Of course, this could not have been achieved without Caitlin's positive encouragement and the mid-afternoon caffeine hit kindly provided by The Milkman.

Everything seemed to move quickly after the coffee was served!

Talking about things moving quickly, our sisters store's visit seemed to come around oh-so-swiftly.

Miss Katie Cupcake is officially part of Elk & Wolf (well, until the end of April). If you can imagine it, there's now even more to look at - including our new member of staff! 

It would be lovely to see you, so pop in to our new pop-up for some fabulously quirky displays and a bit of banter.


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