Monday, 13 February 2017

Putting A Ring On It

I was particularly excited to be opening the doors of Elk & Wolf on Saturday. Not only did I get to see some of your lovely faces, but Kate and Katie from C.A.R.V.E were paying a visit to host one of their utterly unique workshops, AND (if you hadn't already guessed from the change in narrative) I was taking part!

As Kate and Katie (not confusing at all) set up, keen carvers began to slot themselves into our snug, yet intimate space, eager to begin their creations...

After we said a quick cheers of course!

Armed with jewellers wax, an impressive selection of tools and know-how, the duo drew out our inner creativity - literally. It really helped to sketch out your idea beforehand so that expert help was at hand before you committed too soon and were faced with that unfortunate pang of regret.

Some participants had come prepared with sketches and detailed drawings of how their designs were to turn out. I, on the other hand, did the complete opposite. I had decided that my excitement would impair my creativity and was desperately hoping that a great idea would "pop" into my head just as I was about to start carving.

Although this method worked quite well for me, I don't think I would recommend it in hindsight - a bit stressful!

Even though the process we were all about to embark on was, frankly rather fiddly, Kate and Katie could not have been more helpful or have created a more relaxed atmosphere.

They were there to answer any questions we had (jewellery related or otherwise), and had wonderful techniques and suggestions for those that were challenged creatively, or just needed those all-important words of encouragement.

Once the scarier parts of the process were over (starting something is always the worst part isn't it?!), we actually got to know quite a bit about each other considering we began as a room full of strangers!

It's always pleasantly surprising to enjoy events like this not just because you were interested in doing it to begin with, but because the atmosphere and company was equally pleasurable as the workshop itself. Thank you, ladies! 

I think we collectively sighed in relief as it was time to tidy away our tools and make the difficult decision of how our rings were to be finished - who knew there were so many choices?!

It's over to the girls to take our little works of art and send them away to be cast into silver, then finish them off by hand in their studio before we get to wear them.

The excitement isn't over yet, I'll be back to talk about the wax to real-life ring process in more detail and to show you the end result - I can't wait!


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